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Add a little 'Mileage' to your living space

When I design a space, I love to make it feel "well traveled". I like to create an impression that items in the room have been curated over time - from a number of different locations.

To me, this helps a space feel cozy and well loved #welltraveledinterior.

This type of look is a terrific option for a Short-Term Rental Property. Easy care surfaces and a unique vibe, while keeping the re-staging simple for your turnover crew. (our cleaning team at Caravel Cleaning Company know a little bit about how important this is!)

I wanted this space to have a masculine lean to it - with touch of feminine flair (take a closer look at the embellished bolster pillow - its simply divine!) but anyone would feel comfortable curling up on this lovely leather sofa to plan their next adventure.

Shop the Look!

If you'd like to add a little "global" vibe to your home or vacation rental, let's chat!

You can also reach me at

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