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and Home Staging Consultation

We specialize in "Occupied Staging", which simply means, you will be living in your home while it is for sale. 

Home owners may be conflicted when it comes to staging their home - often they believe it is simply de-cluttering and cleaning up regularly.  The truth is - a professional Real Estate Stager considers both scientific and psychological studies regarding color and furnishing placement, as well as using their artistic talents - there really is more to it than you see on HGTV :) 

Check out our video on "5 Common Questions about Working with a Home Stager"

Savvy homeowners and agents know staging helps sell homes quickly and at a premium price (85% of the home’s surveyed sold for 6-25% MORE than their un-staged neighbor*). 


We work with individuals at whatever level they are comfortable. 


Consultation: 1-3 hours with a full report on each room.  Often referred to as a 'walk'n talk' we go through each space, as time allows, and address each so you can complete each step on your own.  This option is perfect for DIY'ers

If you would like additional assistance in getting your home ready (perhaps you want to get it on the market quickly), we can provide a project quote, following the Consultation, for the specific tasks you would need more help getting completed.

Our goal is to get your home sold, QUICKLY, and for the HIGHEST possible PRICE.

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