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You may call me "The Chair Lady"

So, the other day I did an Instagram post about the Barrel Chair and it touched on how I have had a long standing relationship with a barrel chair my dear Grandma T gave me over 20 years ago. Truth is, I love chairs #Ilovechairs. Traditional chairs, contemporary chairs, Mid-Century Modern is a favorite, leather chairs, wood chairs - and have you seen the awesome bouclé chairs that are trending? Anytime I go into a showroom, I will hone in on a funky little chair (or 10). I would have 153 chairs in my house if I could justify it.

I love chairs.

But, this one chair - is a very special chair. And I'm not the only one in love with it.

This chair spent time at my Grandma & Grandpa T's house back in the early 70's (when my Grandpa entered Grandma in a drawing and she won a whole set of furniture). The whole family used it, and the matching ottoman, in all of its swiveling, rocking, brown velour glory, until sometime in the mid 80s (I'm guessing) - at which time, it went to my mom's house.

I remember fighting over it with a friend of mine when we had movie nights.

Now, years later - after hauling it to California, and recovering it in a lightweight denim (any of you who have done upholstery know that was a mistake, but I had the fabric, and it was crying for a re-do) - it sits in my family room with a cream colored slip cover I threw together in an evening (yes, I know it's not hemmed! This was a 2-hour quickey project. I swear I'm going to tackle recovering it again - I even have the fabric picked out. #resourcefulraini)

Grandma T's Famous Barrel Chair

Funny thing is, no one really cares what it looks like, and we are still fighting over who gets to sit in that cozy little chair. (the dogs even love it)

Do you have a piece of furniture that you love? That company gravitates to whenever they enter your house?

If not, seriously consider finding a barrel chair to fit your aesthetic - they come in all sizes, material and styles. If you need help finding one - let me know, I am the Chair Lady, after all.


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