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WFH is… What?

Have you seen it? WFH is a common acronym now. No, Mom, it’s nothing like WTF (she thinks it means ‘Wow, That’s Fantastic’ - let’s keep it that way).

If you are officially performing duties for your employer, or have been laid off,

Working From Home’ is something we should all consider becoming very comfortable with.

WFH is more than performing a paid job; it is also the act of being productive.

If you get to keep your current position, or if you find yourself having to find a new job, I believe working remotely will become more prominent, even after the days of Social Distancing are behind us.

WFH is… Finding the Right Space

I have had Zoom meetings with people working in their living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and from their car. We have even seen the horrific scenes of folks doing ‘their business’ in full view of their cyber associates. Virtual backgrounds can help disguise the location from the viewer’s perspective - but it doesn’t help you if you are struggling to work efficiently and effectively.

For those who are accustomed to fastidiously leaving home at home and work at the office, this is a whole new world. Many are new to working remotely. Attending daily Zoom meetings is a foreign concept and answering a call from the boss while teaching the kids multiplication is a distraction that stops them in their tracks.

I can’t help you with 5th grade math problems, but I can help you figure out how to create an effective workspace. (Book your FREE 30 minute online consultation) In addition to finding and setting up the right space, there are a few other ways we can keep ourselves on the right track – in our work, our attitude, and our lives.

WFH is… Finding the Right Attitude

I guess I am fortunate in the fact that I have been working primarily from home for over a year now, so that hasn’t been much of an adjustment for me. I have been quite busy; my office is already set up and I had a couple of regular virtual meetings every month.

When I see social media posts and read about people who are sitting around eating themselves into a coma and only leaving their sofa for a trip to the refrigerator, I don’t get it.
Please, if you have watched all 8 episodes of Tiger King, tried more than four new recipes this week, and haven’t put on a pair of pants that zip in more than three days, please pick yourself up and do something productive!
Even if it is just cleaning out a closet or purging the junk drawer.

When the ‘Stay At Home’ orders were issued, I did not find myself sprawled on the sofa, binge watching TV, nor was I forced to start zooming from the dining room table while the kids are doing their schoolwork across from me.

A few weeks ago fellow Toastmaster, Kathy Wertheim,CFRE provided a healthy perspective when she presented a speech titled “How to Work From Home". Kathy is not only a remarkable speaker, she is a community leader. When she gives a speech in our group, everyone tunes in. She is a professional fundraiser, has raised millions of dollars and

taught fundraising to thousands of people. ( She knows what she's talking about.

Now, I thought I knew how to work from home, but I really perked up when I heard the title of her speech. Kathy did manage to teach me a thing, or ten, about working from home – and improving my motivation level - in her short 5-7 minute presentation.

I am not going to hi-jack her whole speech, but one phrase that keeps echoing in my head is a piece of advice she contributed to her father:

“Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up, Don’t Give Up"

How simple – and powerful – is that?

WFH or not, I think we all should keep this in mind as we navigate our way through this new world we find ourselves in.


See “10 Ways to Be More Productive (physically and mentally)" where we have expanded on this sentiment. Follow these steps to feel better and be more productive.


WFH is… Finding the Best in You

I am all about taking time to breath, relax, meditate, read, or however you like to refresh and recover. Too much relaxing, however, has the opposite effect. We can become lethargic and sedentary, which can lead to detachment and depression.

Feeling worthwhile starts in the mind, but sometimes we need to give ourselves a swift kick as well. If you find yourself sleeping in, drinking an extra cup of coffee, and not pulling yourself off the sofa for hours, it is time to shake things up.

Follow these three simple rules to get moving.

1. get up at the same time each day

2. make your bed

3. spend at least 30 minutes moving each day

These small changes can help energize you and be more productive throughout the day.

Make the most of WFH

If you find yourself unable to fill at least 6-8 hours with work each day, take advantage of the pause. This can be a time to learn a new skill or teach a skill to someone you are at home with. Read to your kids, finish forgotten projects, surprise someone with a phone call, purge your closet, or help an organization by volunteering. Taking small steps to improve your home, your family, your community, and yourself, will have lasting effects.

As difficult as it is, you may find yourself grateful for this time in the long run.



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