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To Trend, Or Not To Trend - That is the Question

Trend trĕnd

n. the general movement over time of a statistically detectable change

Synonyms for trend

What is your answer? How do you define something as a trend vs. vintage, classic, or timeless style?

Is there a design trend you grabbed with a bit too much zeal? Remember the Tuscan trend of the 90’s? Dark Cabinets, dark granite countertops, heavy brocade upholstery, warm color tones, grapes and wine references everywhere. (Hold on tight… some of that is coming back! Stay tuned for all the details…)

We have all gone overboard on something. Most of us regretted it at some point.

I say, select your trends and your pieces wisely and make choices you really like. Don’t feel obligated to follow along just because “the cool kids” are doing it.

Take the Farmhouse trend. Personally, I think it has been overdone. That is just my opinion. I prefer staying more on ‘the edge’ of trends and don’t want something everyone else has. In addition to being overdone, Farmhouse doesn’t fit my personal style. Twenty years ago, that is exactly what I had, now

I prefer the clean lines of mid-century modern - which fear not, is also taking a hit on the trends list.

For those of you that chose to embrace the modern farmhouse, you can keep it from feeling dated for many years to come, if you do it right.

For example, the all-white kitchen is currently losing favor to color in everything from cabinets, to wall coverings, and appliances. Natural wood is making a resurgence, and the extreme opposite of the all-white kitchen is black finishes. We’ll get more into the black finishes in an upcoming blog, because we are starting to see it everywhere throughout the home.

To keep your Farmhouse kitchen updated, you will be able to make subtle changes over time and keep it fresh by adding color and changing out accessories. Lighting, cabinet hardware, and plumbing fixtures are all easy ways to update a look.


These very similar kitchens show how subtle changes in lighting, fixtures, and hardware can change the feel of a room.

(left from houzz, right by Cameo Homes)


Over the next several weeks, we are going to be looking at a number of areas where trends are making an about-face. I guess that’s the only way we can identify something as a trend, right? There must be some significant change in the aesthetic to signify a new trend. So, where does it go? – mostly to the opposite of where is has been.

And you should remember, a trend is not a trend until the public starts embracing it. Designers can pitch it, but until you decide it is something you want to see and live with every day, a trend is just an idea, a prototype at a design show.

My take on trends, and the one I suggest my clients follow, is this: select something you love. Unless you are planning to sell your home within the next two years, you should love the choices you make for your home. Yes, a designer should push you out of your comfort zone a bit, get you to try something new (that’s what you’re paying us for), but in the end, your home needs to be a beautiful place you want to show off and spend your time.

If you hate yellow, don’t let someone talk you into painting your kitchen acid yellow (you may not want to do that, even if you love yellow).

On the other hand, I don’t care if it is a trend that was hot three years ago – If it is something that truly resonates with you, do it. For example, you live in a country home, and you plan to be in your home for five or more years, stick with the farmhouse look if that’s what you love. You may be hard pressed to find a designer to help you do that (our job is to keep things moving forward – until the trend swings back around, which we all know it does) but, they may be willing to help you integrate some fun, new trends into that white shaker kitchen you have been longing for.

Speaking of which - watch for our next entry where we delve into countertops and tile. What is next for these materials that we rely on each day? This is where updating your white shaker cabinets comes into play! As mentioned, we’ll also be exploring trends such as black finishes and recurring trends (some with twists!) in wall coverings and more - so sign up, or visit often for fabulous ideas and direction.

To trend or not to trend… That may be the question... but the answer is entirely up to you (and maybe your designer).


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